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March 9, 2009

Stampeding fans lead to scoring error

Some Ivy Leaguers have basketball fever. From AP- A jubilant throng of Cornell fans surging onto the court led to a scoring mistake when the Big Red clinched the Ivy League title by beating Penn on Friday night. Cornell won the game 83-58 -- or so everyone thought. A Cornell... [Full Story]

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The mighty have fallen- U of Kentucky will accept NIT Bid if offered

The last time the school played in that tournament was 30 years ago. From ESPN- The three letters Kentucky fans would rather spit than say may soon be coming to fruition. And if the Wildcats' postseason disintegrates to the NIT -- a seemingly likely scenario after UK's 60-53 loss to... [Full Story]

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December 24, 2008

#9 Georgetown holds FIU to 38 points, wins 76-38

Reminds me of college basketball scoring before the shot clock was introduced. From AP- On Tuesday night, the Hoyas polished off undermanned Florida International 76-38. Austin Freeman scored 17 points, Chris Wright had 14 and DaJuan Summers added 13 for Georgetown (9-1). The Hoyas, who won their sixth straight, completely... [Full Story]

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December 20, 2008

Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy sues accuser, witness for defamation

This suit comes two days after Kennedy was charged with assault. From ESPN- Mississippi Rebels coach Andy Kennedy has filed a defamation of character lawsuit against the man who accused him of assault and a witness to the alleged incident, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported. The suit, filed Friday, seeks more... [Full Story]

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December 19, 2008

Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy charged with assault

It is claimed he punched a cabbie and used racial slurs against the man. From AP- Police arrested Mississippi men's basketball coach Andy Kennedy early Thursday after a cab driver said the coach punched him while calling him "bin Laden" and other racial insults. A pretrial hearing has been set... [Full Story]

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December 15, 2008

Utah basketball coach suspends player for intentional foul

It stemmed from an incident in a game played last Saturday. From AP- SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah has suspended guard Luka Drca for two games for an intentional foul committed in a loss to No. 4 Oklahoma. Drca tripped Blake Griffin as the Sooners were on a fast break... [Full Story]

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Miss St. basketball coach Rick Stansbury hospitalized

He's coached the Bulldogs for 10 years and taken them to one SEC tournament title. From ESPN- Mississippi State coach Rick Stansbury was admitted Sunday night to Oktibbeha County Hospital with migraines and then went to Northeast Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo on Monday for more testing. Assistant Robert Kirby... [Full Story]

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November 19, 2008

Loyola MD coach sits in stands, lets assistant coach after technical

The incident happened in a NIT Tip-off game against Cornell. From AP- BALTIMORE -- It's not often a college basketball coach passes control of his team to an assistant in the middle of a game and then climbs into the stands to watch the action. Jimmy Patsos did both Tuesday... [Full Story]

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September 7, 2008

Former Texas Western head coach Don Haskins dead at 78

He took the school now known as Texas El Paso to an improbable major championship in 1966. Forty years later a movie, 'Glory Road', was made about Haskins and his team. The AP obituary is below the fold. RIP Coach.... [Full Story]

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April 7, 2008

And the Champion is Kansas

In the first five minutes of the second half we saw four lead changes. The fight was on. At this point both teams are sucking from the field. Kansas has went to a Box-And-One defense that is actually favoring Memphis and Memphis refuses to leave the man on man leaving... [Full Story]

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Mediocre Game So Far

Again, reporting live from San Antonio: With 3:50 left in the first half we have a tie score at 28-28. Kansas is hitting 60% against the Tiger's 42% from the field. Both teams are struggling from the stripe with Kansas going 1-4 and Memphis 3-8. So far, it's a sloppy... [Full Story]

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April 5, 2008

That was a Hell of a Game!

Again, reporting live from San Antonio: Kansas came out on fire and at the ten minute mark in the first half was dominating with a 21 point lead. At that point Kansas was hitting 76% to NC's 30%. Add to that Carolina's zero % from the stripe and a huge... [Full Story]

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Memphis Smokes UCLA

Reporting live from San Antonio, I can tell you that was a beat down of historical proportions in the second half. Memphis went into the half with a three point lead but the second half separated the hype from the talent. Memphis managed to totally shut down UCLA's phenom Darren... [Full Story]

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Cal hires Ex-Stanford coach Mike Montgomery

Knowing how much Cal and Stanford like each other, this news can only be seen as a sign of the apocalypse. BERKELEY, Calif. - California has turned to its biggest rival to find its new basketball coach, hiring former Stanford coach Mike Montgomery on Friday to replace the fired Ben... [Full Story]

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April 1, 2008

Lopez twins both turning pro

This news comes days after Stanford was eliminated from the NCAA tournament. The Lopez twins are going pro together. Stanford sophomore Robin Lopez is joining his 7-foot brother Brook in entering the NBA draft. The brothers made their announcement to The Associated Press on Monday through their mother, Deborah Ledford.... [Full Story]

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March 23, 2008

Sweet 16: The East is Settled

The East was a perfect win for the seeding committee. We have the top four seeds colliding (the only part of my bracket that is healthy). Other than a scare to Tennessee by Butler, the others have arrived here in fairly dominating fashion. North Carolina has posted a margin of... [Full Story]

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Sweet 16: The Midwest is Settled

The Midwest was another regional that experienced a couple of interlopers into the Sweet 16 that were likely not on too many brackets. Honestly, who had Davidson and Villanova in the Sweet 16? So, how did this happen and what does it mean for future games? Villanova upset Clemson and... [Full Story]

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Sweet 16: The South is Settled

The South Regional played out pretty much as expected. We ended up with the Number one, two, three and five seeds in the Sweet 16. How they got here however might be an indicator to future performances. Michigan State cruised through the first round and beat Pitt by 11 in... [Full Story]

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Sweet 16: The West is Settled

The West offered its share of drama but the Sweet 16 teams are finally locked in. UCLA and Xavier shouldn't surprise anyone but who expected Western Kentucky and West Virginia? West Virginia will no-doubt pull the patented "Bob Huggins choke" against a superior team in Xavier; so I guess that... [Full Story]

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Finally an Upset in the South?

Not really. A five beating a four is hardly a shocker. The Stanford victory over Marquette was some fun basketball to watch unless you were Stanford Coach Trent Johnson. The offense for the Cardinal was hitting on all cylinders but the defense was atrocious and almost cost them the game... [Full Story]

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More Drama in the West

The West Region has been and continues to be a source of intrigue in this tournament. Duke fell to seven seed West Virginia. This actually wasn't a big surprise given how Duke has played in this tournament. They apparently left their three-point shot at home. Xavier looked very solid against... [Full Story]

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March 22, 2008

The South Region Quietly Moves on

Of all of the madness from yesterday, the South regional has hardly been mentioned. That's because the higher seeded team has won every game. While all of press is about stories like West Virginia, Siena, San Diego, etc..., the South is marching on. I know that anything can happen but... [Full Story]

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The Midwest Region is a Total Mess

The higher seeded team in all four games on Friday played poorly. Yeah, that crumpled piece of paper you saw lofting across my office being chased by a stream of cursing was my bracket. Each of these games warrants a closer look but I think the one that stands out... [Full Story]

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March 21, 2008

East Regional Team to Watch

Butler took care of business against South Alabama 81-61. This was a seven seed beating a ten seed so no big deal, right? They are also from less than premier conferences, so again, no big deal right? That's why I'm here sports fans. This is a big deal and I'll... [Full Story]

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West Region Wrecks Everybody's Brackets

Well, at least wrecks most West Regionals for the Sweet 16 picks. Western Kentucky stunned Drake on a last moment shot in overtime. Like that wasn't bad enough, just a couple of hours later San Diego toppled UConn. The great story here is that either a 12 or a 13... [Full Story]

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