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The mighty have fallen- U of Kentucky will accept NIT Bid if offered

The last time the school played in that tournament was 30 years ago. From ESPN-

The three letters Kentucky fans would rather spit than say may soon be coming to fruition. And if the Wildcats' postseason disintegrates to the NIT -- a seemingly likely scenario after UK's 60-53 loss to Florida on Saturday -- Kentucky has told the NIT it would accept the invitation.

"We're still planning on making the NCAA tournament but if we don't, we told them on Friday we would play," athletic director Mitch Barnhart said.

Barnhart admitted he and the coaching staff thought hard about the decision. Kentucky has made the NCAA Tournament every year since 1992 and its 17 straight NCAA appearances is the third-longest active streak, behind only Arizona (24) and Kansas (19).

UK hasn't played in the NIT since 1979. At this point, with a four-game losing streak and an RPI in the 70s, it appears that is where the Wildcats are headed unless they can win the SEC tournament title in Tampa.

Kentucky won't win the SEC so its the NIT or bust. The school made the right choice.

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Comments (1)

They are horrible this seas... (Below threshold)

They are horrible this season. It's just as bad in Indiana, worse actually. Two of the biggest programs in college history are in the toilet at the moment.


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