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Dallas Stars Steve Ott suspended for eye goguing

He says it was an accident. From AP-

Stars center Steve Ott was suspended indefinitely by the NHL on Sunday after he received a penalty for attempting to injure Anaheim's Travis Moen at the end of a game one day earlier.

Ott missed Sunday's home game against Pittsburgh and won't be eligible to play until after a hearing with league officials that will determine a specific length of the ban.

Ott and Moen squared off in a fight after the final horn sounded in Anaheim's 4-3 victory Saturday over Dallas. Ott's hand made contact with Moen's eye, which game officials ruled was an eye-gouge and gave him a match penalty for attempting to injure.

Ott left the ice with two cuts on his face.

The bout ensued after Ott cross-checked Ducks defenseman Scott Niedermayer during the final seconds of the game. Once time ran out, Anaheim goalie Jean-Sebastien Giguere whacked Ott in the knee with his stick and punched Ott behind the head.

Moen saw Ott involved with Giguere and began punching Ott, who has a broken bone in his right hand and can't punch back. Ott said the eye-gouging was an accident.

Here's the You Tube video of the incident.

The video is too unclear to pass judgment. If its determined Ott tried to gogue out Moen's eye(s), I'd suspend him for the rest of the 2008-09 season. Realistically I expect no more than a 10-game suspension.

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Comments (2)

If steve gets one day of su... (Below threshold)

If steve gets one day of suspension, that will the last game i watch this season. NHL needs to find out who stole their B^&%s. Giguere should get a match penalty for intent to injure if Ott does. This is starting to get a little ridiculous.
Since the 1990'shockey has become a p%^&y sport. I respect the idea of not trying to kill a guy but seriously. Eye gauging is not a serious crime when your laying on the ice trying to kill each other. What about the fact that everyong in the league knows Ott cant swing a punch. But Moens goes after Ott anyways at the end of a game no less. Duck s are big fat p^&&ys. Ott was doing his job at the end of that game. He had position and that it. No fight should have even started.

Seriously, thinking I would rather watch high school hockey then what I have seen this year in the NHL.

Pissed off Californian.

John, you are moron. Did yo... (Below threshold)
John's an idot:

John, you are moron. Did you even watch the game? I doubt it. I'd love to meet you IRL and kick the sh*t out of you.


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