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Champions Tour player Jim Thorpe faces tax evasion charges

He is one of a small handful of African Americans to win on the PGA Tour. From the Tampa Tribune-

Professional golfer Jim Thorpe is facing federal tax evasion charges, accused of failing to pay about $1.6 million owed to the federal government over three years. Thorpe, 59, of Heathrow, faces four counts of failing to file an income tax return and three counts of failing to pay income taxes, charges which carry up to seven years in federal prison and a fine of up to $3.2 million. The charges cover the years 2002-04.
I remember Thorpe very well. There were very few golf tournaments in the 1980's I didn't watch on television.

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Just the guy to be The Unit... (Below threshold)

Just the guy to be The United States' first Golf Czar.


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