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Indianapolis Colts coach Ted Dungy to retire

He leaves after seven years at the helm. From AP-

Tony Dungy is retiring after seven years as coach of the Indianapolis Colts, according to reports Monday.

He was meeting with players throughout the day to say goodbye, and will be replaced by assistant Jim Caldwell, the reports said, citing unidentified sources. The move comes a little more than a week after the Colts were eliminated from the playoffs.

An afternoon news conference was scheduled to make the announcement.

Always a class act. Ted Dungy will be missed.

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Comments (1)

I was surprised he didn't r... (Below threshold)

I was surprised he didn't retire sooner; I expected him to do so the season his son died. I could never coach like he does, though. The guy has ice water pulsing through his veins. (That's a compliment).

Dungy is a class act, and I'm sad to see him go.


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