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Mike Singletary dropped pants at halftime to make point to 49ers

What? To prove the head coach is a anal cavity? From ESPN-

The San Francisco 49ers were losing badly through 30 minutes of play on Sunday against the Seahawks. And interim coach Mike Singletary pulled no punches during his first halftime speech -- but he did pull down his pants.

A team spokesman Thursday confirmed a report by Arizona radio station XTRA's Mike Jurecki that Singletary dropped his pants in front of his team at halftime.

"He was just dramatizing how embarrassing it was," 49ers director of public relations Aaron Salkin said.

The halftime talk went something along the lines of "We're getting our tails whipped out there, now let's get back out there," according to Salkin.

Pardon my pun, but I think Singletary's behavior was asinine.

Mike Sando writes-

I'm not sure what options remain for Singletary if the 49ers fail to respond with victories. Dropping one's pants two quarters into a new coaching job leaves little room for an encore. Really, what's left for future halftimes? Anything short of chewing off a finger is going to have a hard time measuring up.

And while his postgame rant to reporters seemed to satisfy fans, my experience in NFL locker rooms tells me Singletary risks becoming a punch line in his own locker room, if he hasn't become one already.

Singletary is a joke now only days after replacing Mike Nolan. He'll make it through this season, and probably into next. I don't expect Mike Singletary to have a long career as a NFL head coach.

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Comments (2)

Thank god we got rid of Ted... (Below threshold)

Thank god we got rid of Ted C! Let's see if Ron Rivera can hit the D in the pants and humble their asses. I hate the showboating when there's nothing to celebrate at 3-5.

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Who cares if you only knew ... (Below threshold)

Who cares if you only knew what all went on in the locker rooms this would seem like nothing. Sorry team with coach trying to make a point.


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