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Patriots: The Lamest Dynasty in Sports?

Yes, according to Robert Weintraub's Slate piece, "The Lamest Dynasty in Sports - The Patriots win. Again. "

The metronomic, death-by-a-thousand-cuts offense. Coach Bill "Genius" Belichick's ratty sweatshirt. Linebacker Tedy Bruschi's 7-Eleven clerk bangs. That ridiculous mascot. The blah uniforms. The incessant "we're the ultimate team in the ultimate team game" platitudes. Snore. Let's face itómore people will remember this Super Bowl for Terrell Owens' amazing performance after getting screws in his ankle than for Deion Branch's 11-catch MVP performance. Yes, the Patriots are a great team and their fans will obviously trade compelling play for victory after victory. But I think I speak for the rest of us when I say: Bring back the Jimmy-Troy-Emmitt-Irvin-Deion-Jerry Cowboys.

True but unfair. Even Troy Aikman, one of the Fox broadcasters for yesterday's game, acknowledged that the Pats' three championships in four years was more impressive than the Cowboys' because of the salary cap and inability to keep teams together in this era. That's hard to dispute, really.

The 1990s Cowboys, 1980s 49ers, 1970s Steelers and Cowboys, and 1960s Packers were great teams with all-star rosters. The 2000s Patriots are not. Until the mid-1990s, when true free agency kicked in along with a salary cap, teams who landed great players were able to keep them around their entire careers. The Steelers team that won their first Super Bowl in January 1975 was essentially the same team that won their fourth in January 1980. Absent some tremendous rules changes, that'll never happen again.

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HOW THE HELL CAN YOU SAY TH... (Below threshold)

HOW THE HELL CAN YOU SAY THIS ABOUT THE PATS bill belicheck is one of the smartest and nicest coaches around and the team plays as a team and unlike terrell WHERE HE IS A SELFISH BITCH this team is full of nice guys and you have disgraced the patriot name by even letting their name pass your lips


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